Leadership 360 Reports

Data trumps hunches and prevents bias from corrupting important decisions. Throughout the latter half of the 20th Century, Fortune 500s relied on behavioural & cognitive assessments to inform all aspects of their personnel decisions— from an employee’s initial selection and training to their team role and eventual promotion. These paper based assessments had to be individually calculated by a highly trained professional, making them too expensive for most organisations to afford. However with the advancement of new computer technologies and algorithms, the cost of such assessments has dropped measurably, levelling the playing field for businesses of all sizes

Executive Leadership Profiling Assessment

Grab Your 360 Degree Of Your World!
$ 595
  • Creates Your Own Development Plan
  • Key Leadership Behaviours
  • Your Motivations & The Why
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • 55 Page Report
  • Includes 60 Min Debrief Call

Leaders Learning & Processing Style

Your Key Value To Your Company
$ 595
  • Learn Your Unique Processing Style
  • Learn Why Your Style Differs
  • Your Key Motivations & The Why
  • Strategies For Collaborating With Key Stakeholders
  • 30 Page Report
  • Includes 60 Min Debrief Call
Great Value

Business Leaders Team Organisation Report

Measure The Growth Of Your Team
$ 225
  • Leaders Looking To Build Up teams
  • Aligns Teams To Business Strategies
  • Provides Key Insights On Team Behaviours
  • Customer Success Focus
  • Employee Attitudes Across The Business
  • Includes 60 Min Debrief Call